Another 5 star review from Kayla's Place! Yay! Kayla was one of the first reviewers for The Underground Witch and I didn't realize how nervous I was about releasing it until I started crying with relief. And that was only when I saw her rating! She released her full review today and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Kayla for another excuse to do my happy dance! 

"The writing style that Debbie Dee brings to this novel was so precise that my eyes simply flowed across the pages without any effort. For someone like me who reads at least 3 books a week, this is quite an accomplishment. I've seen writing of every style and Debbie Dee's is one of the most comfortable yet poised style I've come across."

Does someone want to stitch this onto a pillow for me?!!! Seriously, this is made  of Awesome Sauce. 

Check out the full review here:


Oh, and she is doing a giveaway too! Apparently Kayla is made of Awesome Sauce too. She is giving away 5 ecopies of The Last Witch and 1 ecopy of The Underground Witch. So head on over there and snag one for yourself!



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