Isn't it gorgeous?? I'm so pleased with the way it turned out!
To celebrate Tiy's amazing success, a new anniversary edition cover will be released next week! It is so gorgeous! 

Tiy and the Prince of Egypt has been in the top 100 for kindle historical romances since its release a year ago. Check back here on the 16th for the reveal!
**Top 100 historical romances for young adult!**

Tiy and the Prince of Egypt
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Another great review for Tiy and the Prince of Egypt

"Sadly my scale only goes up to 5 opals...but this book was so great, its deserves not 5, but 6 opals! Completely off my charts! I highly recommend you read this book!  

This book is about a girl named Tiy, a simple daughter in the kingdom of Egypt who follows Prince Amenhotep and his friends into the dessert. As the right place, at the right time, Tiy saves the Prince and one of the boy's lives from the treacherous sandstorm that surprises them out in the dessert. "

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Another great review for Tiy and the Prince of Egypt. Yay! 

Check it out!

"Debbie Dee blew me away, yet again, with her characters & world building in Tiy and the Prince of Egypt. I LOVE Debbie's other novels and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one! I was definitely not surprised by how much I loved it. 

"Being a previous history major in college, I have a soft spot for ancient Egyptian history. I was             Ah-Mazed at how well Debbie brought in and incorporated the historical aspect of this novel! I felt like I could've stepped outside my door and walked out into the hot sands of Egypt. She did such a great job in making me feel like I was right there with Tiy and Amenhotep."

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I often come across a song that seems to fit one of my characters perfectly, or rather, a particular situation my character is experiencing. When this happens, that song will be on repeat for days. I'm not kidding. Days! My poor family - its amazing what they put up with. But, nothing gets me "in the zone" more than listening to the perfect song while a story is dancing around in my head. 

One of my favorite "finds" for Tiy and the Prince of Egypt is Talk to Me by Yodelice. I LOVE this song. I can just hear Tiy saying the words to Amenhotep as he slips away from childhood and into the role of Pharaoh. Its one of my favorite scenes from the book. 
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